Monday, March 16, 2015

Sweet July

Hey Ho!

Week 5 and I'm still hanging in there with the Songwriting Challenge.  This one is sweet and naked as far as production goes. This weeks challenge was to write for a new TV series described as "a 19th Century 'Dexter' centring around a female anti-hero, lots of emotions: love, lust, hate, danger". 

So I started by simply listening to some of the songs provided for reference, in particular Hozier's 'To Be Alone'. Using electric piano combined with guitar sounds I came up with the harmonic structure....then honestly, I can't remember. Words just started falling out of me. 

I demo'd up the song using garageband (such a great tool). I played all the parts that you're hearing on the track including the guitar....which, since I don't play guitar, is my piano and some guitar midi sounds. I exported the wave files to Brad and we did the vocal takes in the studio. Didn't have a lot of time to do all the things we would normally do as he's had a busy week in the studio but I managed to snake a couple of hours. Apparently Brad is only human not robotic and can't engineer 20 hours a day. Who knew?!

I look forward to recording this song for real, perhaps extending it a bit with a third verse or bridge. 

Behind these closed eyes
I'm feeling hypnotized oh
Before your breath is gone
I wanna take the long way home

My body's begging me
for more of you and your lies
Don't know what this could mean
Don't wanna feel goodbye
I wanna lace you up and tuck you in real tight
to my delight.

Oh my sweet July
I feel your heat inside
And all I can say is c'mon c'mon let's burn
Oh my sweet July
You're my darkest knight
Holding your sword all I can hear is c'mon c'mon
My sweet July
Sweet July

Inside this mystery
I wanna set us free oh
With shadows in our hearts
We're hiding in the dark alone.

Written by Trish Evans

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