Monday, March 2, 2015

Sold in 60 Seconds!

S.A.C Challenge #3

Create a 60 second clip for advertising "something child-like, light and playful, fun, capturing the moment and that captures the spirit of a child".

The Song....Follow Your Heart

I must admit, I lucked out on this one. I had written a piece for homework for my Berklee songwriting class a couple of weeks ago and when this challenge came up I knew right away it was a strong place to begin. 

I decided to change a couple of lines in the verse as I felt they were perhaps a bit too heart stringy and heavy. Then of course, I started overwriting and doubting the material that I had, but was able to pull myself out of the impending nose dive I was taking and found a happy medium. I kept the full chorus and re-arranged the verse lines into one. 

As I was cutting and pasting, doubting and hating, I began to think about who was the real target for this advertisement. A child may be in the commercial but its still the parent who packs the pocketbook of cash. This helped me to work the song better for the challenge. I thought that if I went too far into the classroom crowd it may not appeal to the finance department at home! Of course if the commercial is for a Barney spot I'm definitely screwed. But I took the chance that it was a general product and if it wasn't quite on the right road, the song as it stands could remain versatile enough to perhaps entrigue some advertising onlookers.


Brad and I had tracked a lot of this a couple of weeks ago so it was a good feeling to have that under my belt at the beginning of the week. All we really had to do was re-track the new vocals. He was inspired to add a Ukelele track to give it more childlike bounce, which I think worked great.  

In the original recording session of Follow Your Heart, I became inspired to have children voices on the track. In fact, I had been talking to some of my friends during its first recording about the possibility of rounding up some kidlets to come and sing on it. I thought that the echo part and the final choruses would be fun with children's voices. Unfortunately rounding up random children's choirs on the fly is difficult at best and wasn't feasible in time for this post, however, I still intend to make it happen. I'm curious how it will affect the song possibly causing quite a party for us as well here at Taylor Sound.

Creating a 60 second window with viable 15 and 30 second stand alone segments took some chopping from the original layout.  I was mindful of what the client may need and tried to give multiple chopping opportunities. I kept and intro without vocals for instrumental time that clocks in around 7 secs. The could be doubled for a 15 sec fill. The verse is 26 secs long which combined with the 5 sec outdo gives a useable 30 sec window. The whole song together is 60 secs......exactly 60 seconds. 

Listen to Follow Your Heart Here

Recorded/Mixed @TaylorSound

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