Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Challenge 1 for S.A.C.

S.A.C Songwriting Challenge 2015. Week 1 Well, I'm not an experienced blogger nor have I ever had such short deadlines for songs so lots happened this week around getting organized and time managing the upcoming 6 weeks. I am taking a songwriting course at Berklee right now, entering week 6. Things are starting to really ramp up there and I feel like I may have jumped head first into the deep end without knowing what's in the water, but that's ok. I will figure it out as I move along. I am a solo writer with no co-writers to accompany me at this point in my career. I do hope to change that in the future. In saying that though I do have a producer/engineer in my home as well as a studio, so not all is forlorn! The first songwriting challenge for recording artist Matt Dusk I found to be difficult because of its wide range of choices. An artist who is looking, from what I understand, to move from 'crooner' status to more of a groove based contemporary field of music was really a vague concept for me. There were many examples that Matt gave us from well produced uptempo funk to more ballad type songs,so for me this week was really about making a decision in which way to go. I really didn't do any writing on this right away. I did a lot of listening to various pop and groove styles of music. I will start to brew and manifest ideas over the next few weeks. My target is to have the song written by week 4. Do pre-production for week 5, and then record it out on the final week. We will see. Plans don't always happen the way you'd like.! Short and sweet. T

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